One Month from Today ArtPrize Top 10 Winners will be announced!


ArtPrize is truly one of the most interesting art contests in the United States – interesting and controversial – because the general public votes on the “best” works of art. And the artists stand to win the biggest purse in art prizes of anywhere on the planet – $200,000.

We are only 20 days away from the start of the competition and one month away from the Top 10 announcement where ArtPrize founder Rick DeVos as he reveals the Top Ten artists for 2012 in Rosa Parks Circle.

For those of you in Grand Rapids for ArtPrize, you have to register in order to Vote for Art. Visit and register for FREE today. And when you vote, be sure to cast a vote for the Swing Set Drum Kit at Vote Code: 53024.

Below is a list of important dates and facts from the ArtPrize website:

The Public Vote

Anyone over the age of 16 can register to vote.  Votes are cast on, via text message and mobile application.

Round 1 (Sept. 19 – Sept. 29): 11 days to explore ArtPrize and vote for the entries you think should win.

TOP 10 ANNOUNCEMENT: Sunday, 9/30; Time: 1:00-2:00 pm; Location: Rosa Parks Circle

Round 2 (Sept. 30 – Oct. 4): 5 days to cast one vote for your favorite of the Top 10 entries.

ARTPRIZE AWARDS: Friday, 10/5; Time: 7:30-9:30 pm; Location: To Be Announced

Start Here:

Sign up at – Don’t wait until September! Sign up today and begin searching the 1517 entries. With your account you can easily search, save and share your favorites. To get started, click the “collections” tab once you’ve logged in.

The HUB@41 Sheldon – ArtPrize HQ opens September 19. Register to Vote and visit the ArtPrize store to pick up an event guide, ArtBus wristband and start exploring the 162 venues. Visit the HUB on September 15 for our early registration event!

Exhibition Centers are a great place to kickoff your ArtPrize journey. Starting September 19 (or earlier for some), each one will have Voter Registration, ArtPrize Merchandise, event guides and a nearby ArtBus stop.


About Dave Ford

An avid collector of handwritten grocery lists, Dave Ford graduated from Grand Valley State University with a BFA in 1993. Afterward, in typical American folklore fashion, Mr. Ford moved to the art dormitory of the eastern U.S., also known as Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There he continued making art, participated in group shows and began creating his “Truck Drawings.” The drawings, which document the truck’s movement with dozens of pencils, proved to be fruitful and were featured in the sixth edition of Dave Eggers', McSweeneys in 2000. This attention generated several commissioned drawings and with the artist’s subsequent move to El Paso, Texas, long distant drawings to Connecticut and San Francisco became logistically possible. The opportunity to do a live drawing from the El Paso-Juarez Border to Grand Rapids for the Artprize event has re-invigorated the truck idea. Dave Ford is currently living in Evanston, Illinois, where he is working on a Swing Set Drum Kit piece.
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