Press Release: Packer Schopf Gallery presents visual artist Dave Ford’s Truck Drawings at the 8th Annual Guerrilla Truck Show

Dave Ford setting up one of his Truck Drawings in the back of a Penske rental truck. Video of how drawings are made at bottom of post.

Packer Schopf Gallery presents visual artist Dave Ford’s Truck Drawings at the 8th Annual Guerilla Truck ShowEvent info: Truck Drawings by Dave Ford
(Chicago, IL, to Philadelphia, PA, round trip)At the Guerrilla Art Truck Show
Tuesday, June 12, 2012, 5:30 – 9:30 PM
1052 West Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607The Guerilla Truck Show is an artistically forward event specifically planned during NEOCON, to draw a national and international audience. The location is the same as every year, the corner of Aberdeen and Fulton Market, in front of Morlen Sinoway Atelier at 1052 W. Fulton Market. For the fourth year in a row, DIFFA will help sponsor the event!Lines accumulate as Ford drives a 12” Penske truck with 100 pencil-tipped water bottle pendulums dancing above the paper lined bed. On the road, Ford orchestrates the bottles to dynamically express the activity of the 1,500-mile journey. The final 12 panel drawing is approximately 11’ wide x 6’ tall, with each individual panel measuring 35” wide x 27” tall.

“Utilizing personal environments and their found energy has been the core content of my work for a couple of decades. As a young apartment dweller, penciled armatures documented the movement of my doors and windows. Being a truck driver, I used the opportunity of an empty return trip to create a mural sized drawing in the back of the truck, which led to a series of such projects. It is important to me that the end result of this work, assume such an elegance as to make people reflect,” says Ford.

Both Chicago and Philadelphia will host events where the public can view the truck drawing in progress and talk with Ford about the project. Ford will also stop by Penske’s corporate headquarters in Reading, Pa., June 8 to display the truck drawing in progress and meet with its employees.

Accompanying Ford in the truck from Philadelphia to Chicago will be Andrew Griego, a filmmaker, who will document the journey and creation of the truck drawing, uploading images and video from the road to

Penske Truck Leasing is graciously sponsoring Dave Ford’s journey.

Press inquiries: Aron Packer    P: 312.226.8984   E:
Lisa Degliantoni     E:

Aron Packer
Packer Schopf Gallery
942 W. Lake
Chicago, IL 60607

About Dave Ford

An avid collector of handwritten grocery lists, Dave Ford graduated from Grand Valley State University with a BFA in 1993. Afterward, in typical American folklore fashion, Mr. Ford moved to the art dormitory of the eastern U.S., also known as Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There he continued making art, participated in group shows and began creating his “Truck Drawings.” The drawings, which document the truck’s movement with dozens of pencils, proved to be fruitful and were featured in the sixth edition of Dave Eggers', McSweeneys in 2000. This attention generated several commissioned drawings and with the artist’s subsequent move to El Paso, Texas, long distant drawings to Connecticut and San Francisco became logistically possible. The opportunity to do a live drawing from the El Paso-Juarez Border to Grand Rapids for the Artprize event has re-invigorated the truck idea. Dave Ford is currently living in Evanston, Illinois, where he is working on a Swing Set Drum Kit piece.
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