Dave Ford is on the road!

Dave Ford prepping the Truck Drawing at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Photo by Richard Baron.

After a successful installation at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, Dave Ford hit the road. His Penske Truck can be seen driving up I-40E for the next several days. Check back here for images an video from the road.

Click here for more photos of “Truck Drawing Santa Fe, NM, to Chicago, IL”

Come see the final truck drawing this Saturday in Chicago at Southside Hub of Production at 5638 S. Woodlawn. Wine and appetizers will be served from 5 -9 p.m. and you’ll be expected to help install the truck drawing, so be ready to work.


About Dave Ford

An avid collector of handwritten grocery lists, Dave Ford graduated from Grand Valley State University with a BFA in 1993. Afterward, in typical American folklore fashion, Mr. Ford moved to the art dormitory of the eastern U.S., also known as Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There he continued making art, participated in group shows and began creating his “Truck Drawings.” The drawings, which document the truck’s movement with dozens of pencils, proved to be fruitful and were featured in the sixth edition of Dave Eggers', McSweeneys in 2000. This attention generated several commissioned drawings and with the artist’s subsequent move to El Paso, Texas, long distant drawings to Connecticut and San Francisco became logistically possible. The opportunity to do a live drawing from the El Paso-Juarez Border to Grand Rapids for the Artprize event has re-invigorated the truck idea. Dave Ford is currently living in Evanston, Illinois, where he is working on a Swing Set Drum Kit piece.
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