Upcoming: Truck Drawings at SHoP on Oct. 22, 2011

For Immediate Release

SHoP (Southside Hub of Production)

5638 S. Woodlawn Avenue,

Chicago, IL 60637



Laura Shaeffer: 773-710-5464 



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SHoP (the Southside Hub of Production) recently signed a one-year lease with the First Unitarian Church on the historic 16-room Fenn House, with the aim of developing a local cultural center focused on community, conversation, skill shares, enrichment, and productive idleness.

It is what it is

October 1st, 2011, 4:00 – 11:00 pm


SHoP invites you to come and see the house in process of being cared for, renovated, re-conceived and energized.

 SHoP will house a small-press library and book exchange; Red Flags Salon; a wood shop and sign-up project space; the Hyde Park Kunstverein, a Berlin-style community art museum featuring local collections and artists; CurioPantry, an ongoing exhibition space within a Victorian pantry; a time-bank, where you can trade your skills for other goods and services; A community radio station and recording studio; a seed bank; a fort-building room and kids’ wood shop; a movement and bodywork space; a film screening room; ongoing art installations; and more!

This is an all-ages event. Childcare provided from 4:00 to 10:00 pm for a suggested donation of $10-$30.

It Is What It Is

exhibiting artists

John Preus: Slow Recovery

David Cox and Alexis Grinbold

Sally Alatalo and Simon Anderson: The Doggerel and Poetry Show

Maria Constanza Garrido

Katherine Harvath

Kevin Reiswig

Heather Mullins and Meaghan Burritt

Heather Mullins and Hannah Givler

Jennifer Yorke

Adam Rose

South Side Projections: Michael W. Phillips, Jr.

The Cinema Culture: Amir George

JayVe Montgomery

Vicky Yen and Will Gross: On the Other Hand Animation Show

Y. Vittles of Everything Is Terrible!

Hyde Park Kunstverein: KAGAN Radios

Stacza Lipinsky

 *recent write-ups on exhibiting artists John Preus and Adam Rose in the Chicago Reader.

 SHoP invites proposals for its fall series of exhibitions This House Is Not a Home at the Fenn House, a one-time residence in Hyde Park that has been altered by many institutional incarnations over the past thirty years. SHoP also asks artists to consider this home in its non-home state in a series of projects for and to inhabit the rooms, make them comfortable, uncomfortable, experimental, playful, homey, or uncanny.

SHoP accepts proposals on a rolling basis, with monthly salons for new projects as well as curated events and performances throughout the fall and coming year. For all the details, check out our online calendar at www.southsidehub.org

Send all proposals to shoppropdrop@gmail.com

Coming in October:

-Lindsay Obermeyer’s Red Thread Project will land at SHoP on October 6th with a Stitching Studio from 2:00 to 8:00 pm, other dates TBA

-Michael W. Phillips Jr.’s South Side Projections film series

-Dave Ford’s Truck Drawing will arrive on the eve of October 22nd

-Kiku Hibino and Volvox Teatron TBA

-Dayna Lynn- concert, featuring Khari Lemuel, 7 AM and Cherelle Sullivan October 16th 5:30 to 7:30 pm

-Conrad Freiburg; The Odd Geometry Tour October 7th, 8:00 pm



About Dave Ford

An avid collector of handwritten grocery lists, Dave Ford graduated from Grand Valley State University with a BFA in 1993. Afterward, in typical American folklore fashion, Mr. Ford moved to the art dormitory of the eastern U.S., also known as Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There he continued making art, participated in group shows and began creating his “Truck Drawings.” The drawings, which document the truck’s movement with dozens of pencils, proved to be fruitful and were featured in the sixth edition of Dave Eggers', McSweeneys in 2000. This attention generated several commissioned drawings and with the artist’s subsequent move to El Paso, Texas, long distant drawings to Connecticut and San Francisco became logistically possible. The opportunity to do a live drawing from the El Paso-Juarez Border to Grand Rapids for the Artprize event has re-invigorated the truck idea. Dave Ford is currently living in Evanston, Illinois, where he is working on a Swing Set Drum Kit piece.
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